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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to anybody Bruce was very helpful we appreciate. Walter F
Called and they had people on site the very same day. Jeremy W
Dependable service. Highly recommend. Jeannette H
Guys did a great job. I hope I don't need you again but will call if necessary. Alden L
You had an unusual task that our insurance company had never heard of: Cleanup after a fire extinguisher exploded in a bedroom leaving extinguisher residue 360 degrees in the room. You did an outstanding cleanup of everything. Thank You!. Srd S
We were totally satisfied by the work done in our home by Delta Disaster Services. Everyone in their organization proved to be professional in every respect. Richard D and Emily F Adams
Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
Did good job in good time, friendly staff. Gary H

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Repairing Water Damage In Delta, CO

Repairing Water Damage In Delta, CO

Repairing Water Damage In Delta, CO

We’ve been repairing water damage in Delta, CO for five years. It’s been in our service area ever since we started in business. Delta’s one of our favorite towns to visit (besides just the fact that we share our name with the town) in part because it’s so quaint. For a long time when we first started in business, in fact, people thought that we were located in Delta, CO. Our name is Delta Restoration Services, so it makes sense. We’d contact insurance agents and plumbers in Grand Junction and they’d ask if we were based in Delta, CO. We still get that question a lot. So, to clarify, we are located in Grand Junction, but we perform a lot of water damage repair in Delta, CO. In fact, we’ve become known as some of the best experts for water damage repair in that area.

Delta, CO currently has a population of nearly 9,000, but despite the relatively small number of people who live there (compared to areas like Grand Junction or Montrose, CO) they experience a fair amount of insurance claims. We get calls for water damage repair in Delta, CO every couple weeks. It’s not that Delta gets more water damage repair claims than its size would normally lead someone to expect, but more that the need for water damage repair is more needed than most people believe, in general. A lot of us think that because we live in such an environmentally calm part of the country that things like floods don’t happen to us. But, experience has shown us that even in towns like Delta, CO, floods happen quite often.

Professional Water Damage Repair Is Very Important

We always try to communicate with our customers and referral sources, too, that professional water damage repair is very important. It’s not uncommon for homeowners or property managers to set up fans, and mop, trying to dry out home floods. Especially in smaller towns like Delta, CO, because the perception is that you just have to “make do with what you got.” But just because Delta is a smaller town doesn’t mean there aren’t water damage repair contractors within a short distance, like us, who are available to perform the work right away.

We always try to dissuade people from self-performing water damage dry-outs. There’s just too big a risk for microbial (mold) growth in the long-term. Even though Delta, CO is a dry area, very unlike other parts of the country where mold grows on housing exteriors, microbial growth can take place in any environment where moisture lingers. Should a homeowner try to dry their home following a flood and leave just a tiny bit of moisture in affected material, they could have mold growth within a few weeks. It really doesn’t take long for mold to grow in areas where moisture is present.

Different people also react to mold spores differently. Some have severe health problems as a result, while others are almost entirely unaffected. However, the risk is always present for health problems caused from improper water repair. At Delta Restoration Services, we’re always focused on one hundred percent proper water damage repair and procedures. When a homeowner hires us, they get a full guarantee on the work we perform. Our drying equipment is far superior to what anyone could ever buy at a home improvement store, or online. Plus, our expertise and moisture level reading equipment can’t be found by the common homeowner, either.

Company We Keep In Delta, CO For Residential Repair

When we get water repair calls for Delta, CO, we always arrive in under two hours, but we often arrive much sooner. We have experts on our team who know the Delta area very well, and we know all the shortcuts to getting there quickly. Our vans and trucks are always one hundred percent loaded with state-of-the-art drying equipment, and once we arrive at the flooded home, we can begin work immediately.

We also work very closely with all insurance companies and agencies in Delta, CO. We have a great relationship with all State Farm insurance companies, including Jerry Reiher and Kevin Parks. Shaun Veatch with American Family is a long-time associate of ours. Members of our team at Delta Restoration Services went to high school with Josh Applegate with Farmers insurance. We know and work with Western Group Insurance, Pete Tarr insurance, Farm Bureau, Simmons Agency, and Michael Hillman.

Delta Restoration Services is also either a preferred vendor or works very closely with many other insurance companies that sell insurance online or through brokers, including Nationwide, Travelers, Chubb, Progressive, Geico, and any others you could find or name.

Our point is, if you live in Delta, CO, your home floods, and you need water damage repair, we’ve got you covered. We work with any insurance company you’ve got, and we can help you get the best experience possible through the water damage repair on your home.

Commercial Water Damage Repair In Delta, CO

We’ve also worked with many hotels, realty offices, property managers, and city managers in Delta, CO to map out buildings and prevent the need for water damage repair in the first place. We regularly invite the Delta, CO board of realty to classes we put on for realtors. We’ve also worked closely with Mountain Valley, Next Chapter property management, Remax Today property management, and Choice property management, to help out any individuals or families renting.

We’ve mapped out facilities and water lines or spoken with the general managers at the Quality Inn, Days Inn, Rodeway Inn, the Delta County Administration (for all city and county buildings), including the Delta County Memorial Hospital. When water damage hits any of those buildings in Delta, they all have our contact info.

Water Damage Repair Experts

When we bring our services to an area, we do our best to be extremely thorough in the coverage options we present to the community. You may, in fact, have seen our recent blog post about commercial and residential flood repair in Grand Junction, CO. In that post we talked about our relationships in Grand Junction, and qualifications that allow us to perform both residential and commercial work (somewhat of a rare ability among restoration companies on the Western Slope of Colorado). We bring the same level of consistency and expertise to our work in Delta, CO as well. We don’t just repair residential water damage. We also repair commercial water damage.

Delta Restoration Services loves performing water damage repair in Delta, CO. If you or someone you know needs water damage repair done in that area (or in Grand Junction, CO or any of our other coverage areas) give us a call. We’ll be there right away, ready to handle everything for you.

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