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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to anybody Bruce was very helpful we appreciate. Walter F
Called and they had people on site the very same day. Jeremy W
Dependable service. Highly recommend. Jeannette H
Guys did a great job. I hope I don't need you again but will call if necessary. Alden L
You had an unusual task that our insurance company had never heard of: Cleanup after a fire extinguisher exploded in a bedroom leaving extinguisher residue 360 degrees in the room. You did an outstanding cleanup of everything. Thank You!. Srd S
We were totally satisfied by the work done in our home by Delta Disaster Services. Everyone in their organization proved to be professional in every respect. Richard D and Emily F Adams
Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
Did good job in good time, friendly staff. Gary H

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Not Just A Restoration Contractor

Not Just A Restoration Contractor

Not Just A Restoration Contractor

This blog post is a bit different as we’re really covering two aspects of our business: 1) the fact that we are general contractors and why that’s both rare and helpful for anyone looking to hire a restoration contractor, and 2) the fact that we’re not just a restoration contractor any longer. Skip ahead to see our new “big announcement!”

Types Of Restoration Contractors

Not everyone realizes that there are different “types” of restoration contractors in Grand Junction (and across the U.S.). For professionals who have worked with us in the past or attended our events, you probably know the differences by now. But for everyone else, one of the main reasons why Delta has grown so well as a company is because we’re not just restoration contractors. We’re also general contractors. There’s a big difference because general contractors make any flood repair, water damage, disaster cleanup, or mold removal project much easier for the homeowner/ client.

Most restoration contractors are “mitigation-only.” That is, they only do the water extraction/ dry-out phases of a project. Afterwards, they sub out reconstruction to a separate company who often has their own projects that they prioritize first. Or worse, they leave the homeowner with a demolished house (post extraction and dry-out, a house is left in a bare-bones state, by all companies) and no contractor to turn to for reconstruction.

Delta Disaster Services is different because we are general contractors. When the mitigation portion of the job is complete, we come back the next day for reconstruction. Our construction crew is notified of jobs when they first come in to the mitigation team, giving them time to prepare their schedules and workloads to accommodate that homeowner. It’s a big advantage for homeowners to know that reconstruction projects on their home won’t be delayed because of outside work.

Delta Offers Reconstruction - Other's Don't

Currently, there are no other restoration contractors in Grand Junction who offer reconstruction services through the same company. Delta Disaster Services of Grand Junction is the only company in the valley that offers that service. It’s one of the big reasons why we’ve grown so fast and become a community favorite. Some companies do have either sister companies or businesses with whom they have a good relationship and refer all of their work to. But others leave customers with a ruined home and no additional contacts for reconstruction – instead placing that burden on the homeowner and their insurance company.

Most homeowners understand the value of our reconstruction services right away. No one wants to do tons of work calling and scheduling subcontractors, or chasing down a remodeling company who’s out performing work on other non-emergency projects. It’s hard enough having your house destroyed by water damage without having to call a drywaller, painter, flooring expert, electrician, plumber… and all the other services associated with disaster restoration. It’s much easier to just call Delta and have your home completely restored from start to finish.

We're Excited To Announce

This leads us to our big announcement…

Our expertise in reconstruction has recently led us into the world of remodeling homes. Even those that haven’t been affected by a disaster. It’s been a decision we’ve been thinking about for some time now and we’re excited to announce this additional service. Delta Disaster Services of Grand Junction now offers remodeling!

One of the trends we’re seeing in Grand Junction right now is that there’s a wide cost gap between older homes that need a lot of work done on them, and newer homes. There’s plenty of homes available, but often either not in the price range that people here can afford, or the home is missing some vital element. To help homeowners and first-time home-buyers in Grand Junction, Ky at Fairway Independent Mortgage is now offering “Renovation Loans” through his office.

We Now Offer Remodeling

For a long time we were just sticking to our roots as a restoration contractor. But as we began working with Ky and his office we realized that our companies meshed well and there was a real problem in the Grand Valley that we felt we could partner with Ky to fix. We got into the restoration business to help people get back on their feet after a disaster in their home. After talking to Ky, we started to see that there was an opportunity to help people make their homes better now – that we didn’t have to wait to help until after their home flooded.

Renovation loans (which is what Ky educates people about) used to be cumbersome and impractical. There’s a lot of work required on the part of the mortgage lender. Getting everything together is very difficult. But Fairway now has a renovation loan department to handle all that work, making the process easy.

This is a big deal for Delta and the community we serve because it can be difficult as a homeowner to afford necessary remodeling projects out-of-pocket. With Ky, projects can often be completed for a loan (the remodeling portion) that costs less than $50/ mo. That means we can go in and make a big difference in someone’s life, using the construction experience we’ve built up over the past 5 years to help.

Another Way We're Helping To Improve Grand Junction

At Delta, we’re very excited about what Fairway’s doing with renovation loans because it helps our community and gives us a way to help people even if their house doesn’t currently have water damage, smoke damage, or mold. If you’ve read any of our other blog posts you can probably tell that we love Grand Junction and our Western Slope community.

You may also know that we started Delta because we couldn’t help people in the communities that became inaccessible during the Estes Park floods in 2013. Through one of our partner companies, Western Constructors, we had homes we were building nearby. We couldn’t help those homeowners or communities at the time though because we weren’t yet in the mold, water, and fire restoration industry. Now we’ve been professional restoration contractors for over 5 years and we can help people restore their home from any disaster.

Adding remodeling as a service through our office has a similar feel for us. We’re always excited to offer our community more. We like the idea of performing renovation loan work because it helps homeowners and homebuyers get the property that they’re really after. It also helps clean up Grand Junction and renovate properties that don’t look as good as they could. It allows us to help build a better community. 

Please Think Of Us

If you, your friends, family, or clients are looking to remodel their homes, have them consider a renovation loan for their project. These loans are also great for people looking to buy a new home as the loan can pay for remodeling upgrades to the house, which we can complete for them before they even move in. You can reach us at our Contact Page any time for more information!

Jake Tegtman

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