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We were totally satisfied by the work done in our home by Delta Disaster Services. Everyone in their organization proved to be professional in every respect. Richard D and Emily F Adams
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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
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More Than Flood Damage Repair

More Than Flood Damage Repair

More Than Flood Damage Repair

One of the values we live by is always doing what’s right for the customer. The flood damage repair industry is sort of a mystery to many homeowners. Even the insurance agents who insure homes don’t often know a great deal about the damage repair process. So, especially for the industry we’re in, we feel integrity is vital. Eventually everything comes to light, and we want to be known as the company who takes care of our community. We’ve decided as a company that we want to do more than flood damage repair. We want to do flood damage prevention. We feel that more people in Grand Junction should be protected against having water damage in their home.

Flood Damage Repair and Beyond

If we help people protect themselves from flood damage, we are, in a sense, doing ourselves a disservice. After all, we make money when homeowners have flood damage on their property. If we help our customers prevent flood damage it could lead to us having less work in the future. We keep ourselves busy at Delta Restoration Services by cleaning up water damage in people’s homes. But, at the end of the day, it’s the right thing for the homeowner. It's also peace of mind for home builders in Grand Junction, CO. If we can educate homeowners about water damage and ways to prevent it, maybe we can keep them from ever having to go through the stress of it again. We also believe that by taking care of our community first we’ll have all the success we need, in return.

We have yet to implement these strategies, but it’s a big initiative we’re looking at for 2020. There’s a number of water damage prevention technologies out there that we want to bring to Grand Junction. Higher-end homes in the Roaring Fork Valley, and resort areas around the country, often have systems like the Water Cop installed to prevent water damage. Systems like these can be put in a home to do two things. First, they can detect leaks if a home begins to flood. Second, they can shut off water to a leaking pipe to lower the chances of a major flood occurring within the home. These systems and others like them are often installed directly into the home’s plumbing systems, allowing it to have control over water flow. They can also be operated by use of a Smartphone, allowing homeowners continual information updates regarding their home, and manual control over water usage.

Less Need For Flood Damage Repair

Water Cop systems can be expensive to purchase and install, but there are also less expensive alternatives. The Fibaro Flood Sensor doesn’t tap into pipes, but can simply be put near them. When water is near the sensor it gives off an alert that can also be tied in to other devices. It can be a little cumbersome to set these up across the home as no one can ever predict where a leak might occur. It may well be a purchase (like insurance) that a homeowner never needs... up until they really need it. So, it can initially feel like a waste of money. Same with the Water Cop system. Any kind of preventative measure for protecting an asset (like a home) can feel at first like a financial burden.

However, there’s also the situation where a homeowner sets up a flood prevention system, and the decision pays off. Many people don’t seem to realize how costly and burdensome it can be to have a water loss. There’s a lot more than flood damage repair to any water restoration project. There’s ALE (definition below). Time off work. Emotional turmoil and the stress that comes with it. The additional noise of air movers and dehumidifiers (if the family stays in their home while repairs are being made). Less space available due to sectioned off areas in the home. The inconvenience of people coming in and out of your home to complete flood damage repairs. Not to mention the cost (yes, cost) of paying for the insurance deductible (definition also below). Flood damage repair can be very invasive to a family’s normal lifestyle.

Insurance Terms and Flood Damage Repair

ALE: additional living expense. Most home and renter’s insurance policies come with additional coverage for the added cost of living following fire or water damage. ALE covers things such as a new place of living while repairs are made. ALE may also cover added expenses like additional miles driven to work from the temporary place of living. It can also cover things like meals out, additional electric expenses, pet boarding, and any number of other practical needs. The temporary living place must be of equivalent value to the insured’s normal standard of living. In fact, the entire purpose of ALE is to keep the insured at their normal standard of living while flood damage repairs take place. 

Insurance Deductible: when a homeowner puts in an insurance claim for their property, they are responsible for paying the first part of the claim. Insurance deductible values are always set prior to contract enforcement, typically when a homeowner talks with their insurance agent to set up a policy. Higher deductibles require that the insured pay more in the event of a loss. But in such a case, the month-to-month payment to enforce insurance coverage is less expensive. Vice versa also applies. In the event of flood damage in a home, a homeowner will be pay some money even though they have insurance – and that amount of money will be equal to their deductible.

Your Education Experts On Flood Damage Repair

The fact that flood damage repair can be so invasive is why we at Delta Restoration Services want to offer more than flood damage repair. We feel there’s a whole world of opportunity to serve our community in helping prevent flood damage from happening in the first place. So, part of our initiative this year will be to inform our customers about systems like Water Cop and other measures they might take to protect themselves. We feel that if we can help our community prevent disasters, they’ll probably pass our name around more too, for the people who do have flood damage in their home. That’s usually how life works. When you help someone, they help you in return. 

The new systems we’re putting in place to help Grand Junction with water damage prevention will take us a few months to put together. We have a lot in the works for how we imagine this all happening. We’ll undoubtedly be blogging about it in the future so you can learn everything you need to know.

We’re excited to be offering Grand Junction more than flood damage repair. We know firsthand how hard a water loss can be for a family. And from our experience, most families (and insurance agents) don’t realize the difficulties a flood can cause until they’ve experienced it themselves. We feel it’s better to educate people upfront and prevent floods than it is to console them after it’s happened.

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