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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation


Mold Remediation

Mold remediation doesn’t seem like something that would be needed much in a dry climate. There are some areas of the country where mold grows on the sides of buildings simply because there’s enough moisture or humid heat to accelerate colony growth. People are often surprised when we tell them that mold is quite common in Grand Junction. Humidity isn’t necessarily the main factor in mold growth. As a result, mold remediation is a common service we perform.  

Mold Can be Common Even in a Dry Climate  

Mold spores are present everywhere in virtually every organic compound. Spores are incredibly tiny – about 1/10th the size of a human hair. In small quantities spores are not dangerous and can be beneficial to the environment.  

Mold becomes a hazard when the spores colonize. Colonization can happen when spores have oxygen, a food source, and water. Oxygen is always available. Mold can use drywall and insulation as a food source. So the only missing component in most cases is water. Once water is added to the environment via a burst pipe, leaking swamp cooler, or even high humidity levels, the spores will attach themselves and form a colony in as little as 24hours.  

Preventing Mold Growth 

There are a few very basic ways to prevent mold growth (and thus the need for mold remediation)! The basic idea is to keep excess moisture away from your walls, cabinets, and other exposed wood surfaces. When taking a shower, keep the exhaust fan running. Same for when you are boiling water in the kitchen – if you have a hood over your oven, run the fan. If not, consider opening a window.  

Keep windows open during the day, when possible. Modern homes and apartments are built air-tight. This is great for energy efficiency, but can be terrible for airflow exchange. The only air exchange most people have in their homes each day is when they open the door to leave for work, or to return. Consider keeping your windows open to vent your air every so often.  

And of course, if you have a water leak or burst pipe in your home, call Delta Disaster Services to professionally dry the water. Improper drying can leave moist spots (even if your home appears to be completely dry). If not totally dried in the first place you may find yourself in need of mold remediation within a few days or weeks.  

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