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Mold Detection Services Grand Junction

Mold Detection Services Grand Junction

Mold Detection Services Grand Junction

In the past, we’ve talked a little bit about the mold removal services that we offer. But today, we wanted to touch on the first aspect of the mold removal process. Before we can clean and remove mold, the first thing we have to do is test it. There are so many different kinds of mold that it’s impossible to tell what you’re dealing with without professional tests. That’s why today we’ll talk a little bit about what we offer: mold detection services Grand Junction can be proud of. You should never feel like you have to take care of a mold problem by yourself. And it can be dangerous to take it on alone, too. You should always trust a professional to handle your mold problem for you, and in this article, we’ll explain why. Without mold detection services, you’re walking into the problem blindfolded.   

Detecting Different Mold Types

First, let’s talk about some of the different kinds of mold. We think it’s important that you understand just how impossible it is to tell what kind of mold you’re dealing with by just looking at it. Alternaria is a very common kind of mold­—in fact, it’s the most common kind of allergenic mold in the world. There’s also Acremonium, a mold that’s rarer to find but far more dangerous. Left untreated, Acremonium can cause serious illnesses and diseases in your bone marrow and internal organs. There’s also Chaetomium and Cladosporium; Fusarium and Mucor; Penicillium and Trichoderma. And don’t forget about Aspergillus—it alone has 185 different species. There’s an alphabet soup of different mold types, and without the proper equipment, it’s impossible to tell which one you’re working with. For more information about some of these mold types, check out our article about mold types and mold remediation.

So why should you get your mold tested? Don’t you deal with all of it the same way anyway? In short, the answer is no. We’ve already covered that it’s impossible to tell what you’re looking at without professional help. But the urgency of cleaning mold colonies is directly related to what kind of mold it is. It may not be a huge issue to find a small Alternaria colony in your home, and that may give you time to take care of it. But other mold types are more serious and need to be taken care of right away. Without professional mold detection services, it’s impossible to tell how bad your problem is. The color and size of a mold colony doesn’t tell you how dangerous it is, for example—most of the time, mold color is related more to where it grows than how harmful it can be.  

Remediation and Detecting Mold You Can't See

Getting your mold tested can save you money, too. Without a good assessment of the mold found in your home, it can be hard for insurance companies to justify mold remediation. But when you use professional mold detection services, it gives you something you can take to your insurance company that says, “This is a serious problem, and it needs to be fixed right away.” And having that documentation can be helpful down the road as well. Hopefully you’ll never have to get in a legal battle relating to mold or remediation. But if it ever does happen, having proof of the type and extent of the mold in your home can be incredibly important. Having that information can end up being really important, especially if you’re purchasing a home.

Mold detection also makes sure you can take care of mold you can’t see. Mold spores are tiny—they’re about 1/10th the size of a human hair. That means that you’re only able to see them once they’ve formed a colony. But even when a colony is treated, mold spores can still exist in your home and even in the air. There’s simply no way to tell without professional mold detection services. You might think that because Grand Junction is a drier area that you don’t have to worry about mold and mold detection services. But mold grows everywhere—all it needs is moisture, oxygen, and dim lighting. In this article here, we talked about mold in dry climates and steps you can take to prevent mold growth. Because drywall and insulation are both food sources for mold, any leak or drip can cause mold colonies to grow in your home.  

Mold Detection Services and Property Damage

Another good reason to test for mold growth is because mold colonies can sometimes damage the infrastructure of your home. Mold eats organic materials like wood and fabric, which means that it can eat through your property. And if mold colonies damage an important part of your home, it can lead to serious risk of collapse. Of course, it’s a slow process and hopefully will never get that bad. Still, it’s important to know just how risky it is to leave mold untreated for long periods of time. Additionally, mold detection services give restoration companies a baseline to work with when testing your home for mold in the future. It allows those restoration companies to figure out just how much they were able to remove after the cleaning process, and it helps them figure out if there’s anything they missed along the way.

At Delta Restoration Services, our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to make sure your home is mold-free. We think it’s important for you to know why we recommend professional mold detection services. And if you’re looking for some more reasons why mold testing is important, be sure to check out this article here. Mold can be incredibly dangerous if you leave it untreated or treat it incorrectly. It can cause asthma, illness, and even diseases. Nobody should have to worry about mold ruining their homes and their lives. So whether you have a troubling mold colony in your home, you’re looking to buy a house in Grand Junction, or you just want to make sure there’s no dangerous mold growing in a hidden corner, call us and ask about our mold detection services. It can make a huge difference in your life.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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