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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
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Grand Junction Restoration And Remodeling Summit

Grand Junction Restoration And Remodeling Summit

Grand Junction Restoration And Remodeling Summit

The Grand Junction Restoration And Remodeling Summit is coming early June. Since last year in October, Delta has changed their approach to CE classes for insurance agents, realtors, and property managers. Many professionals are now going to online classes for their credits, so we’ve seen less attendance at our in-person classes. We are working on online classes for agents to utilize as well, but we also can’t totally justify get away from in-person classes because the value for those who do attend is so much greater.

*Quick Note: If you are interested in quickly getting details for the event, scroll down below.

In-Person Classes Are Better

If you’re an agent, you’ll know the truth of this when we say it: no matter how much value you’re getting from online classes, it’s not the same as in-person. Online classes are primarily in place for convenience and keeping staff up-to-date on their licensure. In-person classes are primarily designed for continuing education. See the difference?

Everyone can tell the difference in education quality between online and in-person CE courses. But to change with the times, since online classes aren’t going anywhere, Delta has started offering only two in-person CE classes per year, but making them huge events. We’re making the classes we do offer super beneficial by bringing in partner companies and the best information around. Yes, you still get credits faster by going online, but you do not get near the experience or overall benefit that you would by attending these CE Summits.

As a quick side note, for those of you who are used to attending one of our 4-6 regular CE classes per year, now you know why we’re cutting down that number. I know it’s disappointing for those of you who really enjoy attending more in-person classes. But we know you’ll love our Summits, and we’re packing these events with more CE credits than before, so it should make up for having less evens!

Event Details

About the upcoming Summit: the Grand Junction Restoration and Remodeling Summit will be for not only insurance agents, but for realtors and property managers as well. The day’s education will feature Safelite Auto Glass (teaching Ethics), Delta Disaster Services of Grand Junction (teaching Roofing), Fairway Independent Mortgage (teaching on Renovation Loans), and Fidelity Title Insurance (teaching "What You Need To Know To Close"). We are still working out the finer details, but classes will go from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Most likely, we’ll be stopping by your office, emailing you invites, or calling in the next few weeks. But just so you can block out your calendars now, the summit will be held on June 6th at CMU. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to attendees. The class portions for insurance agents will go from 8 AM to 2 PM. The class portions for realtors and property managers will go from 11 AM to 5 PM. You shouldn’t need to bring anything to the event except for business cards (you never know who you might get to network with at an event like this). The nice thing about holding classes at CMU during the Summer, as well, is that there will be no problem parking.

Experts From Multiple Industries

The real benefit to Summits like this is the number of experts from participating companies putting on the event. To have Delta come in and talk about restoration services is one thing, but to combine that with Darrin’s new Ethics class from Safelite, renovation loans education from Ky and his team at Fairway Independent Mortgage, and to get instruction from a title company on title insurance is a different thing entirely. It’s a full day of classes, but you’ll walk away with something entirely unique.

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

It’s not easy to stand out in Grand Junction when you’re in the insurance or realty industries. At our last count there are more than 50 property and casualty insurance agents in Grand Junction, with offices. That’s not counting customer service representatives, producers, or people with smaller companies that run a side business from their homes. It’s also not counting health insurance agents, life insurance-only agents, supplemental insurance agents, or even business/ commercial agents.

For realtors, the numbers (as you probably well know) are even higher. There was one report that showed over 700 realtors in Grand Junction alone, nearly 400 of whom were “active,” putting regular work into their businesses. For those of you who make realty your main or sole source of income, you know that those numbers make doing business more difficult.

Delta has the same kinds of problems. Everyone in every industry does. One of the ways we stand out is to provide super-high-quality education to the people with whom we do business. One of the ways you might consider standing out is to take advantage of that super-high-quality education for yourself, your customers, and your business. We guarantee that if you attend our class, you’re already in the top 10%, for sure. How do we know? There’s never more than 10% of the people in any given industry who attend our classes.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Continuing education was set up as a requirement for insurance agents and realtors (and restoration technicians, and virtually everyone in every industry) a long time ago, for very good reason. Online classes (unfortunately, but in our opinion, truthfully) tend to mock that reason. The real purpose of CE classes can be easily forgotten since we’re all trying to work hard to make a living, and participating in extra education takes time away from sales and service of customers. But better education means a better product for all our customers, and we think it's well worth the time.

We don’t just want people to attend our classes so we can spend more money on food for you all and brag about our class sizes. We hold events like the Grand Junction Restoration and Remodeling Summit, and our fall event, the Western Colorado Fire Summit so professionals in industries related to ours within the Grand Valley live better lives. We care about Grand Junction. We’re here to stay. We want people here to have the best quality of life possible, and that involves insurance agents, realtors, and property managers getting the best education possible on restoration and remodeling. We all live in homes. All homes need some TLC from time to time. Let’s talk about that.

At Delta, continuing education is a huge principle for us. We can’t take online classes to renew our CE – all our classes must be done in person – and for very good reason. You don’t want a restoration professional cleaning your house who’s only studied online. You want someone who’s networked with the very best in the industry. Someone who’s learned the detailed tricks of the trade that only come from genuine conversations with others who have been performing the work for decades. The same principle applies to insurance agents, realtors, and property managers as well, right?

We Can't Wait To See You June 6th

We hope you’ll join us for our awesome Summit. If you want the best education for yourself, be sure to contact us to get specific information. We’ll be in contact with you soon, either way. But let us know if you want to save a spot now as space is limited.

We can’t wait to see you at CMU on June 6th!


Jake Tegtman

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