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Fire Damage Prevention Tips Grand Junction

Fire Damage Prevention Tips Grand Junction

Fire Damage Prevention Tips Grand Junction

Fire damage is a scary concept. It can burn precious items, cause terrible smoke damage, and even threaten the structure of your home. The best way to deal with fire damage is to avoid starting a fire in the first place. That’s why we wanted to take some time to tell you a few things you can do. It’s our goal to make a list of fire damage prevention tips Grand Junction can use for reference. The more fires we can prevent, the fewer destroyed homes and lost items that we’ll have in our city. It’s always been our goal to bring you peace of mind in uncertain times—that’s why we’ve also taken time to give you tips to prevent flood damage in an article you can find here. We think that making sure your peace of mind is never disturbed in the first place is incredibly important.

Fire Damage Prevention Tips: Unattended Cooking and Electrical Failure

Many people think that a fire will never happen to them, but the truth is that a fire can start anywhere and affect anyone. Just in July of this year, there was a fire in the Redlands that ended up spreading over nine acres. (If you’re interested, you can read more about that fire here.) You can’t always be prepared for everything that could possibly happen, but there are some things you can do to drastically lower the chances of a fire starting in your home. The leading cause of fires in the US, for example, is unattended cooking. There’s a simple fix to this problem: never leave your cooking unattended. It seems like common sense, but it causes more fires every year than anything else. It’s much easier to watch your food cook for another few minutes than it is to restore your home after a devastating fire.  

Another leading cause of fires is electrical failure. This is a little trickier than just watching your food on the stove, but there are some fire damage prevention tips that we can give you. Unless you’re a professional, make sure to leave electrical changes in your home to people who are trained to make them. When you try to make changes by yourself, it can often increase the risk of fire. And be sure to regularly check out your electrical cords and appliances for frayed wires. If electrical cords go under doorways or carpets, there’s a better chance that they can get damaged. And when they’re damaged, they have a much easier time starting a fire. If you do have frayed electrical cords, consider getting new appliances or calling an electrician. It’s not worth the risk of burning down your home.

Outlets and Smoke Detector Maintenance in Grand Junction

But electrical cords aren’t the only things you should be looking out for. You should also be taking good care of your outlets, extension cords, and surge protectors. Try not to overload them—plugging in too many things at once can increase your chances of starting a fire. It might be more convenient to plug everything in at once, but it’ll be a lot more inconvenient when it starts a fire. It can also trip a breaker, and that’s not something that you want to deal with either. You should also make sure that your light bulbs are the right wattage for the lamps in your home; mismatched wattages can also cause fires. If you’re not sure what wattage is right for your lamp, try checking the lamp. There’s usually a sticker that will tell you the correct wattage. And if you still can’t find it, try looking online for help.

You should also install and maintain smoke detectors, making sure to regularly test them. Most of the deaths due to home fires happen because the homeowners either didn’t have smoke alarms or didn’t have working ones. That’s why it’s incredibly important to make sure your smoke detectors are still working, even if you already have them installed. Generally, there’s a button on each smoke detector that you can use to test it. Often, smoke detectors don’t work because owners forget to change their batteries. If you ever hear your smoke detector beeping, it’s probably because it needs new batteries, so keep a few handy. It’s a simple thing you can do, and it can save your life. Every month, you should test your smoke detectors. It could mean the difference between catching an early cooking fire and your home burning down with you inside it.  

Space Heaters and Fire Damage Restoration

If you’re using space heaters at home, you might consider getting rid of them—after unattended cooking, both fixed and portable space heaters are the largest causes of fires. It’s just one more thing you can do to make sure a fire doesn’t happen to you. If you do have a fire at home, though, there’s no need to panic. We offer comprehensive fire damage restoration services. We're fully equipped to handle fire damage of any kind. Whether a small cooking fire has stained your walls with smoke or your home has caught fire, we can help restore it back to normal. If you’re interested in learning more about the fire damage restoration services that we offer, be sure to check out our article here.

At Delta Restoration Services, we’re available to take your call 24/7 because we know that no one can predict when disaster will strike. If you want to learn more about keeping your home fire-free, feel free to give us a call at (970) 964-6141. We also recommend checking out this article here for more fire safety tips. It would make us incredibly happy if our fire damage prevention tips meant that there was never another fire in Grand Junction. Still, fire damage can happen even to the most prepared people. That’s why we’re always available to help with fire damage restoration, day or night. With these tips in hand, it’ll hopefully never happen to you. But if it does, we’re ready. We know how much a fire can take from you—but we’re also dedicated to making sure that it doesn’t get to keep what it takes.   

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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