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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
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Commercial And Residential Flood Repair In Grand Junction, CO

Commercial And Residential Flood Repair In Grand Junction, CO

Commercial And Residential Flood Repair In Grand Junction, CO

Delta Restoration Services has become known for commercial and residential flood repair in Grand Junction, CO and the surrounding Grand Valley. When I first moved to Grand Junction I was surprised that the flood repair industry here was so large. The owners and many of the technicians and managers at Delta have been in Grand Junction for their whole lives (or at least grew up here), but I’m from the Front Range so I was more used to tons of hail damage and heavy winds.

Flood Repair Is Needed No Matter Where You Live

Grand Junction, however, is known for being a very environmentally peaceful part of the country. It rains here only sometimes, very rarely hails, no strong winds (really – at least not like the Eastern Slope or Wyoming), definitely no tornadoes or anything like that. It’s far calmer than the Front Range. We certainly don’t have the hail damage in Grand Junction like they do in Denver. We don’t experience any of the environmental and weather-related problems that people typically think of when someone says that their house “flooded.”

But as I spent more time talking with all of the Valley’s insurance agents, plumbers, and property managers for both residential and commercial buildings, I realized that no matter where you go in the world, buildings with pipes that contain water all have a chance to flood. Environmental causes account for only a fraction of water damage sustained to buildings and property in many areas of the country. Especially in areas like Grand Junction where our weather is so calm, and so many of us have swamp coolers…

Flood Damage Is Rare In Grand Junction, CO But It Still Happens More Than You Think!

Statistically, any given person will only have one or two water losses in their place of residence during their lifetime. Which doesn’t seem like much. If it’s something a person will have to deal with only once in their lifetime it may not seem like a big deal, because it may not happen at all, or might be years off, right?

But on the flipside, every person should be prepared for that near-guaranteed (statistically speaking) one-to-two water losses they’re almost bound to experience. It’s a good idea to have a professional company like Delta in your back pocket. Homeowners, property managers, insurance agents, commercial property maintenance managers (and even to some extent, residential and commercial renters) should know both who to call for flood repair, and what to expect of the restoration process. If you do, it will save you a lot of headache if and when it does happen.

Older And Newer Homes

Grand Junction has a lot of older homes in our market. It’s not uncommon for older homes to have various problems that come up. Old piping, old swamp coolers (which are notorious for causing water losses), even old kitchen appliances or washer/ dryers are all prime culprits for causing water damage. We’re moving as a community to nicer, more modern buildings, and a lot of people are putting in the time and money to remodel their homes, but Grand Junction still has a lot of older buildings.

Even newer homes though can have a lot of problems too. If a pipe’s going to burst on a newer home, it will burst right away. The nice thing about that is that we can fix problems quickly. There is a lot of newer construction going on in Grand Junction right now, and Delta has relationships with home builders so we can jump on possible problems in newer neighborhoods and commercial areas right away.

Commercial And Residential Flood Repair

Delta Restoration Services is rare among restoration contractors because we offer flood repair for both commercial and residential properties. Some restoration companies only provide services for one or the other, or specialize in one area over another. It’s not easy to be experts at everything. The niche that we’ve carved for ourselves in Grand Junction, however, is that we are the one-stop-shop of the restoration world. It’s why we also provide reconstruction with every project, and now also provide remodeling services.

We’re not experts in everything part of the restoration world. For instance, we don’t offer carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, biohazard, or radon remediation in-house. There’s a lot of “secondary services” that some restoration companies provide. We don’t try to be great at the things that aren’t our specialty. We stick with commercial and residential flood repair, fire restoration, contents, reconstruction, remodeling, and mold remediation (among a few other services) so that we can be sure that we are the very best at what we do.

Our managers and technicians have extensive training in flood repair and certifications to back up their expertise. Our team in Grand Junction, CO has multiple certifications in the “Commercial Drying Specialist” class, which offers extensive training for large-scale jobs. Our philosophy has been to give our technicians the very best training in both residential and large-scale flood damage repair so that they can go into any situation and be the one-stop-shop experts for our customers in those specific areas. We go home each night with peace of mind, knowing that we’re providing the very best service and solutions to our customers through their highly distressing situations.

We Come With A Lot Of Credibility

We also believe that our extensive training in commercial flood repair makes us better residential flood repair experts. We know how to handle the very largest commercial water repair jobs, so going into a person’s home and restoring their property is a piece of cake. Every job has its own unique challenges and we never assume that know everything. We also never apply a cookie-cutter method of restoration to any one project. But we are confident because of our background and experience that we can handle the job. Our customers are often very happy to hear that we’ve restored some of the Grand Valley’s largest and most complex buildings when we come into their home for flood repair. It’s brings them a lot of peace of mind, too.

We have performed commercial water damage repair for local city government buildings, law enforcement buildings, universities, hospitals, hotels, retail spaces, multi-family unit housing, fire departments, and a whole list of others. Not to mention the thousands of residential flood repair jobs we’ve completed in Grand Junction and surrounding areas. If you check out our Reviews Page on Facebook, you can see 5-star reviews we’ve been given by local hotel GMs and the Fruita Fire Department (who regularly call us for any restoration projects they need within the community). There’s plenty of restoration contractors in Grand Junction, but none that offer the extent of services that we do at Delta.

We’re excited to offer the services that we do, and proud to be both commercial and residential flood repair experts for the Grand Junction and Grand Valley areas.

Jake Tegtman

Delta Restoration Services

Delta Restoration Services

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