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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
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A Flood Cleanup Company's Operations Manual

A Flood Cleanup Company's Operations Manual

A Flood Cleanup Company's Operations Manual

Organization is one of the biggest keys to success, especially in a business as important as disaster restoration. The more organized we are as a company, the better we can handle disasters and restore your home or business to its pre-disaster state. We’ve always been open in sharing what’s been going on with us at Delta Restoration Services, so we wanted to take a moment to let you know about something important we’re undertaking. Part of getting serious about our business is laying out ground rules and building a structure for our company that will last for generations. That’s why we’ve recently begun the process of writing out a flood cleanup company’s operations manual—something that we feel will bring more efficiency, reliability, and permanence to our company. So let’s talk about what an operations manual is and why it’s so important to us to lay down the groundwork now.       

The Writing Process

Before we get into the many benefits that writing out an operations manual will have for our company, we wanted to briefly touch on what exactly we’ll be doing in the writing process.  Part of our process is defining every job role at our company and reorganizing our business structure. We’re taking the time to write out job responsibilities, systems of management, and definitions for our job roles to maximize results for our clients. This, in turn, will have a number of positive effects on our company—by writing out the way we do things and creating a structure for our business, it gives us more room to grow, saves money in training costs, and helps make sure that we’re working as efficiently as possible. We’re dedicated to bringing you peace of mind, and we think that developing an operations manual will help us help you. 

Employee Training Benefits and Growth Management

One of the biggest benefits of establishing an operations manual is the way it improves our employee training process. At Delta Restoration Services, we’re already proud of all of our employees—still, as our company grows, we’re continually welcoming new people into our family. An operations manual improves the training of new hires at businesses like flood cleanup companies because it streamlines the training process. When new hires have a set of guidelines to follow right from the get-go, it helps them understand their role and everything they’ll need to do to be successful. It also ensures that the people applying for jobs with us will better understand the position they’re applying for—that means better candidates to fill our positions and less time wasted on training for something a candidate should already know how to do.

Having an operations manual is also attractive to potential job candidates—many people searching for careers in the restoration business will be looking out for companies that have an established operations manual. Just by writing up our rules and procedures, we can attract the best possible new hires for our company—and new hires will know exactly what to expect from us. When we write up the roles and responsibilities for our positions, we make it more likely that our new employees will be prepared for and successful in their new roles. We’ve already talked a little bit about what makes us the best restoration firm professionals out there. Having an operations manual in places helps us make sure that we can hold our future employees to the same standards we have now.

An operations manual also helps us manage our growth; as Delta Restoration Services grows, it’s important that we have guidelines to handle that new growth. Whether we want to expand to more areas or open new buildings, having an operations manual in place gives us instructions on how we can manage those projects. It also makes our flood cleanup company a long-lasting business. By setting out our rules in stone, we guarantee that future management plays by the same rules that we’re following now. What this means is that all of the things we’re doing now—our commitment to our clients and our dedication to delivering peace of mind—will stick around even when our management changes in the future. So even though the operations manual gives us room to grow, it also makes sure that we won’t change who we are and what we do.   

Efficiency Improvements

Additionally, an operations manual allows us to be as efficient as possible—and saving time on our end means saving time and money on yours. When we’re a more efficient team, your home is restored to its pre-disaster state more efficiently, too. If our employees are spending more time asking questions and working out the kinks of their jobs, that means we have less time to spend on restoration. By writing up an operations manual, we can help ensure that our employees can make decisions on their own and have ready access to the answers to all of their questions. Having more time to focus on our business means more growth, more opportunities, and better service. When we have established rules, an organized system, and well-trained employees, we can live up to our reputation as the best flood cleanup company out there.    

We’ve written before about the practices followed by the best disaster restoration companies in an article here. What we’re looking to do with our new operations manual is to make sure we continue to hold ourselves to those standards. When we improve our internal organization, we improve the services we provide. Employee training, restoration efficiency, growth management—all of these are benefits to writing an operations manual. (If you’re interested in reading about some more benefits that having an operations manual provides, you can check out this article here.) At Delta Restoration Services, we want nothing but the best for our customers. That means taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror, figuring out what we do best and what we can do better, and laying down guidelines for the future. We’re excited to be taking this important step for our company, and we hope you’re excited, too.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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